Breaking the Silence

Vision Art #2

A lot of my prayers have been for my friends and I not to stay where we are within our faith. This is what came to mind.

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Vision Art

#vision #art #GoodFriday #prayer “Don’t try to contain Jesus into a space or charge admittance to experience who He is. He – Jesus only – paid the price and broken … Continue reading

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April Snow Eve

April 15, 2014 · 2 Comments

Male Modeling

Diego and I went to his wife’s fashion show. As we waited for her to get ready to leave – a photo shoot took place. I may changing careers.

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Lexington at Night

Downtown #Lexington at night #Moonlight #Church #dp360 Published via Pressgram

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Did You Forget….

“Did you forget to hide alone to pray? Your self-strength will not sustain you. Did you forget to call the deacons together? I want to heal the masses, but you … Continue reading

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To The Depths I Go

It is imperative to remember that as humans we often forget how far true love goes to save just one.  A couple of friends invited me to go see Kari Jobe … Continue reading

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#BBN Car Flipping

In celebration of University of Kentucky winning, I flipped cars with friends… Actors:  Diego and Nate Cinematography:  Dana

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Mistaken Refuge

“Too easily, we forget to fall at His feet. Forsaking the compassion and mercy of Jesus. Because we took sole refuge in others.”  N. Smith 4/2/14 I am within a few … Continue reading

April 2, 2014 · 2 Comments

Two Skateboarders and a Therapist

Two Skateboarders and a therapist walk into a …. Nope. Not a joke. This is the new roommate situation. It could get dangerous. Published via Pressgram

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