I have taken WordPress off of my phone along with all social media and an internet browser.  Yes, it is possible.

I’m rethinking about the layout of the blog and how to refocus to have a constructive outlet.

Close friends have asked about a book.

A rough, rough, rough first draft was completed over the summer.  I am in the middle of the first edit of many.

It takes time with a full time and part time job.

2015.  The blogging will have a new genesis.

Until then, Happy Christmas and New Years.

Buddy Guys

The Canadian TV Channel (CBC) has put on a competition looking for the next Comedy Sitcom for their TV station.  Cliff, Sunee and Adam (with Cassiar MediaWorks) have made a hysterical comedy on interracial friendships, relationships and just interracial awkwardness.  It is done tactfully with no offensive made.  Just genuine humor and fun.  I have watched several of the other contenders…. This is the one I am especially pumped about!!

In the next 10 days, there are two more challenges coming and the TOP 5 will then be ANNOUNCED!!!  They went from being a “wildcard” contender sliding into the top 100 something to making it all the way to the TOP 15!  Here is the catch.  They need people to log in (via Facebook, Twitter, Google + or creating a personal account), rate and share!  Help a brother out!

Click on the picture below to be directed to one of their challenges called “FLIP IT.”  What if their comedy sitcom was actually a comedy sketch?!

This is gold!

Asking Bigger Questions

For past several months, my neighbors were 4 Germans and a Chicagoan.  They were not in the least bit Christian or slightly religious.  One even exclaimed “I don’t believe in God at all.”  I also heard the “whatever works for you to get through life” a few times while they stayed.

It is Sunday night.  The Chicagoan left today and the Germans have been gone for about a week now.

And to be honest.

This may sound pathetic.

I miss them already.

Each morning I was greeted by a “Gud Mornin’ Nate” which was met by my smirk from hearing his thick German accent.  And every evening was met by someone asking how my day was and visa versa.  A small community tucked away on the third floor of an old mansion.

The conversations never ceased as politics, American history, economics, sociology, social and environmental issues were discussed at ease.  Not to mention thoughts on sexuality, homelessness, race and religion – especially the Christian Church’s influence in it all.

There were days I did not know how to respond.  I am not confident if I should have or if it mattered at all.  I listened through the random Kentucky outings to outlet shops or bourbon distilleries.  They asked bigger questions, which I have forgotten recently and at times afraid to even discuss with the closest of friends.  Often times, I did not feel Christian enough to answer their questions.  Or if I was being Christian enough by not inviting them to a service each and every week they were here.

But it probably would have ruin our relationship.

Their thoughts may have been solidify in their mind.  It was not necessary to push out typical Christian answers.  They could see my roommate’s and my Bible on the counter and moving from place to place.  It was not something we hid from.  Our words did speak the Truth when prompted to share.  And graciously neither party hid from the other.  The dialogue was open because this was how relationship is built.  It humored me to watch one person in particular continue to walk into my apartment just to hang out and talk openly about their life struggles.  Maybe this is what it is meant to be Jesus – available and gently speaking Truth.

It helped me to start rethinking the bigger questions people are asking.  My thoughts are shaped from a Biblical worldview.  But I am also remembering when it means that the Kingdom Comes down on earth as it is in Heaven — This includes all of those uncomfortable topics we too easily shy from.

I know I could have done a better job at being the Gospel (probably sharing the Gospel) at times.  I’m grateful for the one who continues to text me day in and out as they travel throughout other parts of the States.  It’s a friendship which will be kept.

To my German and Chicagoan friends.  I miss you.  And thank you.

Til we meet again.

Physical Healing and a Half-Marathon

It was with little expectation that I would ever run a half-marathon.  Last fall, running shoes and an entry fee were paid for, but I did not run due to an increasing pain in my knee.  This fall did not seem much different.  The summer was spent doing randomness without any regard to personal physical health.  The moments I did run, there was an increase pain in my left ankle.  Additionally, the majority of my days are spent sitting in a chair or car, so lower back pain became a daily part of my life.

About six weeks ago, I get a text from a friend about trying to sign up for a different half-marathon this fall.  I received a text that read something like “Are you going to be a little girl and not sign up?”  I’m usually not the one to fall into one of these traps, but I did.  It was within fifteen minutes I was signed up and got another friend to join in on the fun.  The only downfall was… my ankle still hurt every time I ran.

The Urban Bourbon Half-Marathon was less than five weeks away when I stepped into a pastor’s apartment with a couple of other friends.  PT, as he is called, prayed with me for a couple of hours through something called “Two Hours to Freedom.”  PT mentioned that we could pray for physical healing at the end.  I did not mention my hurt ankle or lower back pain.  I said, “Okay” as we pressed in on other issues.  Two hours later, I walked away without thinking about “physical healing” that needed to take place.  I began to drive to work when I noticed that the pain was gone – ALL GONE.  A car ride was not something to be feared.  And that evening with a co-worker I jogged 4 miles.

Why was the pain gone?  It was my main question to God and myself.  Questioning everything seems to be my protocol.  I heard God saying, “It was fear latched onto you.”  Fear.  It is interesting how when we learn to let go of something – everything changes.  To let go of fear resulted in physical pain being healed.  There is nothing else quite as beautiful.

This past Saturday, Kolja, Ryan and I ran the Urban Bourbon Half-Marathon in Louisville, KY.  The only goal I had was to finish.  The previous week brought its own chaos with long work hours, sickness and an unrestful stay at the hotel that Friday evening.  To my surprise, I was only 3 minutes shy of breaking the two hour mark.  And because of my Jesus, I finished.  I am not confident on what “most runners” listen to while running if anything at all.  The first hour was only worship music by the United Pursuit and strangely enough it kept me at a solid pace.  And now a little over twenty four hours later, my body is almost completed recovered from the long run.

A few pictures as proof.  Because as they say, “If you don’t have a picture – It never happened.” IMG_2067.PNG




Fall Music

This is what I have been listening to a lot lately.

1.  Lights – Little Machines

I saw her in concert during concert and instantly fell in the love with her music.

2.  Steffany Gretzinger – The Undoing

Steffany is a worship leader at Bethel and probably my favorite.  This is her debut solo album and below is one of my favorite songs.

3. United Pursuit Band

Each Tuesday evening, you can stream live for a super cheap rate their worship sessions.  For $8 a month, you have unlimited access to their worship videos and get an EP download each month.  It’s worth the $8.  Here’s a favorite:

4. Sleeping at Last – Light

This isn’t a new album.  I just love it and have been listening to it a lot.  This song has a long build-up, just wait for it.  Also, check out “You Are Enough.”

5.  Alanna-Marie Boudreau – Hints & Guesses

The days where work is too much – this is where I go to.  Her music is great, a simple foot stomping pick me up kinda music.  I love it and you should too!