You Need Me

The most honest of prayers are the ones with the most honest questions. No list with needs. No running off of what happened in the day. Honest, deep questions.

A usual searching question is with the “Why?”

Why did this or that happen?
Why is there injustice in the world?
Why can’t I be someone else?
Why do I have to struggle with this?
Why am I the only one?

The endless “why” questions is responded with no simple or sometimes no answer at all.

Yet, still we sit and wait. We wait and listen. Frustratingly, we wait, we ponder, hoping for a new, “better” response.

Why don’t we ask this one…

“Jesus, what do You want to tell me today?”

In a lot of ways, the question is quite individualistic. But I think His Spirit wants to communicate with us, so why not ask?

In a strange way, the “Why” questions will never be answered. For me, who loves to ask questions – This is a great frustration.

So instead, I’ve come to ask “Jesus, what do You want to tell me today?”

Each day, I write down what I have heard.

Today: You need me.

Because yes, despite my frustration with everything else in the world. I need Jesus. You do too!

Sometimes the best answer, even to all of my “Why?” questions, is within the simplicity of statements: You need me.

Selfish Pain

Too often you are more interested in the stumble than the victories -

the slightest mishap becomes an avalanche of madness instead of a learning opportunity -

the gods have been angry causing increased agony to each pounce down the mountain -

a built up of combat snow and that you’re in the midst of.

At times too hard to sing a redemption song, yet most times too lazy to brush off the first sting -

a white overcoat that would laugh at the temptation -

a strong mindset to accept grace on the first blow -

short prayers for the few to see.

A steady heart never makes the top selling movie -

continuous selfish pain cause agony and drama are a wonderful combination -

but the still it could slow and even stop on command -

if one will understand the necessity of surrender where grace may actually be enough.


“The place at the gate will give you influence in the moment you need it.

Right now the Christian community is no longer a contender in the war of ideas. Because we are not at the gate, the church is hearing about ideas long after they made it into the culture. Because of this, the church is forced to constantly react and play ‘defense’ against the prevailing wind of culture. The church is forced into a cycle of relevance that demands adapting to trends birthed in an anti-Christian environment….” (Otto, Christ John p. 149)

From the book An Army Arising

Culture itself is groaning for the return of Christ. Bring the Kingdom of God down now. Expect something beautiful to happen when you become excellent at what you do.