Fall Music

This is what I have been listening to a lot lately.

1.  Lights – Little Machines

I saw her in concert during concert and instantly fell in the love with her music.

2.  Steffany Gretzinger – The Undoing

Steffany is a worship leader at Bethel and probably my favorite.  This is her debut solo album and below is one of my favorite songs.

3. United Pursuit Band

Each Tuesday evening, you can stream live for a super cheap rate their worship sessions.  For $8 a month, you have unlimited access to their worship videos and get an EP download each month.  It’s worth the $8.  Here’s a favorite:

4. Sleeping at Last – Light

This isn’t a new album.  I just love it and have been listening to it a lot.  This song has a long build-up, just wait for it.  Also, check out “You Are Enough.”

5.  Alanna-Marie Boudreau – Hints & Guesses

The days where work is too much – this is where I go to.  Her music is great, a simple foot stomping pick me up kinda music.  I love it and you should too!

Single Most Important Life Goal

A hundred or so people gathered around tables in an Ontarian barn.  A beautiful summer wedding of a dear high school friend, who sat across the barn with his bride.  Reminiscing of a decade of memories and the joy that filled the day.  Jealousy has never been an emotion I felt at a wedding.  Why be jealous when the time has not come?  Why sit in negative emotion on another’s day?  More importantly, marriage is not the single most important life goal that we all must accomplish.  This night I was reminded of this in the gentlest of ways.

The groom’s father took hold of the microphone and stood next to his wife as he said the simplest of speeches.

One prayer he has said over and over again is for this:

That his children will love and follow Jesus.  If they get married it will be for someone who also loves and follows Jesus.  And as they continue into their marriage that they will continue to love and follow Jesus.  If they have children, that they will teach their children to love and follow Jesus.

It is so simple.  The single, most important life goal is:

To love and follow Jesus. 

There is no other protocol.  If marriage or children or grandchildren happen, the only thing to do and continue to do as life changes is to love and follow Jesus.

So simple, yet a reminder is always needed -

To love and follow Jesus.

Midwest Clouds

The Midwest has something going for them. Their incredible skylines. I recently started to stare at the clouds more often & I’ve become enchanted by it. The dancing formations brings me back to a childlike state of waiting for a storybook to unfold. It’s the simplest of things that brings the greatest joy. This is one of them.

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Tempted Disciples and I

What did Jesus do when the disciples fell into temptation?
Following a Savior and still the lust of their flesh takes over.
A drunken party around the campfire.
An act of selfishness.
A lustful look at a passerby or maybe even each other.

Did the natural consequence of guilt be enough?
Did an act of shaming occur?
Could they resist the thought of falling again?
A self beat down, wondering when mercy would set them free.

Did they walk further behind him?
An unworthiness of being close.
Or were they like Adam and Eve trying to hide their actions?
Jesus, Jesus what did you do?

Possibly a learning experience to grow stronger -
“Go and sin no more” settles in their minds.

It’s not that I’m asking for a friend.
I need to know for myself.
I’m just wondering if we stay a friend of God’s -
Or is the damnation of hell be a result we place ourselves in?

Maybe with a repentant heart…
Just maybe I can know the His Kingdom in my life.

Like the disciples who were never turned away.
A Peter of three times the denial.
That now, that today -
I do not have to hide away in the night’s shadows.