I Suck At Winning

This could be one of the posts where someone says, “I’m a sore loser.”  They continue on with stories about how they got angry after a poker game and killed everyone.  Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but you know the types.

This is not one of the posts.  I just suck at winning.

I went to Christian camps as a kid and youth my whole life.  I remember one summer at Windsor Hills a college group came to help out with the children.  I do not remember all of the details, since that was over fifteen years ago.  What I do remember is this:  It was a Nazarene camp, so Eastern Nazarene College was there.  Each day, they would have a question of the day.  The kids would have to go and find one particular person, get the answer and go up on stage that night to say what the answer was.  One student was chosen somehow to get a prize.  Every day I was that kid that got the answer and went on stage.  I did this all week long and never won… Except the last night.  I think the lady felt bad.  She said, “Whoever has been on stage every night with an answer gets the free T-shirt.”  I smiled because it was me.  I got the T-shirt… And lost it that night.   Amy, my older cousin, went to the college.  I told her I lost my T-shirt.  She was able to get me another one.  I’m not even sure if I was able to find that new one later on… I suck at winning.

My senior year in high school I came home everyday, listened to Air1 online and did homework (or at least pretended to).  They had this contest that you could e-mail them three songs you wanted the DJ to play and they would send you a free CD or two.  I e-mailed them and told them to let me know when they would play my songs.  I really just wanted to hear my name on the radio.  A few weeks later, I got a LaRue CD in the mail with a typed letter that they played my songs.  I guess it was a day I was not listening…. I suck at winning.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a “912” number.  I knew this was a southeastern Georgia number, so I answered.  It was some fitness center in Claxton, Georgia.  She explained that I won a free 2-week gym membership.  (I’m not sure how that even happened or even someone entered me in)  I commented, “Wow!  That’s awesome… But I live in Kentucky.”  She said, “Oh, well, do you know someone local we can call on your behalf?”  I sat there and shook my head.  The only numbers I had in phone were my parents’ due to my iPhone dying.  My parents don’t work out.  I said, “No, I do not have anyone’s number because my phone died.”  There was an awkward silence, she made some quick comment and hung up…. I suck at winning.

Do I enter contests?  Sure, why not.  Could I win?  Yes, I obviously have.  Will I reap the full benefits of it?  Nope… because I suck at winning.


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