Snowboarding Pains

This past weekend was my first weekend off since August.  It was fully packed of non-stop awesomeness!  The ability to spread Christmas joy in a rough neighborhood was long overdue.  A bunch of people and myself went through my neighborhood to spread some Christmas cheer for all to hear!  There was a woman in her SUV who stopped, so we can poorly carol to her on the street corner as she rejoiced saying “This is what this neighborhood needs!!”  It was humbling and amazing.  Her excitement made her come down the street again to stop and listen in as we continued to sing “Silent Night” to empty houses.  (Seriously, I don’t think one house heard our rendition of “Silent Night”)

Inside Joke made a guest appearance during Castlewood’s Christmas Caroling by rapping “Lights On My House” at the final stop.  The woman was so moved that she threw a hand in the air like she didn’t care.  If you don’t recall the Home Life Tour 2013 click HERE to read the tour blog.  You can also download Inside Joke’s album off of noisetrade for free or leave a tip so you can help support Inside Joke’s musical venture in Joke Hop.

I left to head to a friend’s 30th birthday party!!!  It’s kinda crazy to think that my friends are turning 30 now.  I have no pictures to show you, just know that John Gallaher also has Christmas raps to share!  Regardless of our age, we danced in the living room until midnight to ring in the start of Laura’s thirty-first year.  Sometimes, you got to dance!!!

Saturday was spent cleaning the first floor of the building I live.  I later went to Whitney and Jenna’s house to taste their famous homemade hot cocoa.  Finally I went to the Vogel’s house to bake gingerbread cookies for Sunday’s party and spend the night.

Cookie Fail

Cookie Fail

Sunday morning Dana, Diego and I headed to Perfect North in southern Indiana for a little snowboard/skiing action.  It is a little ridiculous that two Brazilians were teaching a transplanted New Englander (who went to a Canadian college) how to do winter sports.  The lesson had to be from someone…. It might as well be from good friends….

Vogels and I

Vogels and I

Perfect North

Perfect North

….for the first hour.

There are free lessons with a day-pass purchase, so I took advantage of it.  Diego and Dana left to enjoy the larger hills as I needed an ample amount of more practice before heading to the bunny trails.  There could not be a name more appropriate for a snowboarder who was a thousand times more cooler than me…. His name was Zane.  Zane instructed four Asian exchange students from the University of Cincinnati and myself.  It made everything feel a lot less embarrassing because my snowboarding colleagues had no shame in learning something new.  We were all along for the ride… or along for the fall…

At one point, Zane said, “This is similar to skateboarding in this way… Have you skateboarded before?”

I did not respond, but watched as every student grinned politely and responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”  Their faces were matched with what I knew as a misinterpretation and they had no know what was going on.

Zane continued with his lesson when he referred back to his previous point, “Like Skateboarding, right?”

Zane noticed that their faces were blank and inquired, “Have you skateboarded before?”

One of them responded, “No, we haven’t skateboarded.”

Zane looked confused and then smiled with knowing that something was lost in translation.

“Oh okay, well…” And continued with the snowboarding lesson.

The snowboarding lesson continued for the rest of the hour with Zane finishing, “This is something you may learn in the future, but not today.  I will share it with you….”  There was some explanation about something that I cannot remember due to trying to remember “Heelside” and “Toeside” turns.  “….I am going to show you this and then I am off.  Good luck!  And let us know if you need anything else!”

Yes, Zane zigzagged down the hillside and disappeared.  The Asians and myself were left there wondering what to do next.  It felt like Zane was the Ghost Snowboarder from Perfect North’s Past.  I literally did not see him for the rest of the day.  And I continued to wonder, “Did that just happen?”

I wish I saw Zane later because I thought I got worse from the time Diego taught me to after Zane’s lesson.  The “easy” slope seemed like it should be conquerable along coupled with my fear of heights and the ride up the gondola.  I got to the top only to fall numerous times as Diego watched from the bottom.  I went again after lunch only to roll over a couple of times.  The hundreds of eyeballs from the gondola pierced my back as I lifted myself up only to fall over several feet later…. All the way down the hillside.

I lasted.  I did not conquer.  But it was worth it!

I finished the day with hosting a little mansion party.  Friends kept coming through as cookies were decorated and friends met friends.  I passed out by 11 pm last night and woke up to my body not wanting to move.  I know where every muscle in my body is now due to falling so many times snowboarding.  It was all for the love of wintery things!



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